Cooksmill Netsystems Inc.
Cooksmill operates an online network of exchanges that promote the trade of industrial products and commodities by bringing buyers and sellers (suppliers) together across a broad range of business sectors with a special focus on developing markets for scrap, waste and by-products.

Wanted & Available Listings

Wanted to Buy
If you looking for a supplier of an item or commodity please Add a "Wanted to Buy" Listing into the Exchange.

Available for Sale
If you wish to find a market to sell your commodities, please Add a "Available for Sale" Listing into the Exchange.

Listings submitted into the Exchange must be for an item with a description and include a valid quantity and price.

What you need to Know about Replying to Listings
1) When sending messages to the Wanted/Available listings in the exchanges, your reply needs to be a DIRECT response to the item in the listing.

2) Please pay attention to the status of the listings and Do Not Send Replies
- to Wanted listings that you also want to buy
- to Available Listings that you also have the item Available.
This is a waste of both your time and theirs as they are doing the same action as you are and they will not be able to assist you.

3) Replies that do not directly pertain to the listing or are a general solicitation of your company product or service are not acceptable.

4) Our services allow Buyers and Sellers to connect directly and does not support the solicitation of commissions.

5) We do not facilitate mass email solicitations to our listings (ie. the same copy & paste message being sent to multiple listings) and these messages will NOT be accepted or forwarded as they are considered to be "spamming" our users.

5) When filling in contact information forms, Basic Business card information must be provided, submissions with incomplete or invalid information will be TRASHED.

Conduct for any user found to be less than honest, to not be operating in a forthright professional business manner, or to not be adhering to our Terms of Use will not be tolerated and these users will be excluded from our sites.

Cooksmill NetSystems Inc. is not a dealer, broker or processor.

Cooksmill NetSystems Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any and all errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations, details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller. It is the responsibility of the two parties making any transactions from contacts obtained through our network to do their own due diligence on the veracity and creditability of the other party by checking references, etc. of each other.

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