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Exchange Memberships

Membership will allow you to view the contact information for any of the Buy, Sell listings displayed within the site you subscribe to.

You will be able to log in one time (per session) and then view the information for all the listings you are interested in. 

You are also able to set up email preferences to send you an alert anytime a new listing is added.  If you choose to have email alerts, anytime a new listing is added to the site you are a member of, an email will be sent to you with the contact information of the person making the listing and what they are looking to buy or sell.


Exchange Membership:
Our Exchange Memberships are offered for specific categories or groups of related categories. You can log in to a specifically designed site or choose to receive e-mail alerts. This is our best option for traders looking to buy and sell materials. See below for the list of current Membership websites and prices.

Membership Website Type Month Annual Minerals $100 $1000 Precious Metals $75 $750 Glass, Fiberglass $65 $650 Paper $100 $1000 Rubber $125 $1250 Salvage, Used Building $50 $500 Copper & Brass $100 $1000 Aluminum $65 $650 Plastics $250 $2500 Alloys & Stainless $80 $800 Steel & Iron $85 $850 Surplus Inventory & Reusable $50 $500 Electronics $125 $1250 Textiles $125 $1250 Wood $125 $1250 Zinc, Lead & Tin $95 $950

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